The descendants of Eugenio Calvillo (b.1840 - d.1912) and Filomena Mungia Calvillo (b.1862 - d.1935) will be hosting the Calvillo Family Reunion on Saturday, May 8th, 2010 from 3pm to 8pm at the Alamo Country Club in Alamo, Texas.

This reunion probably would not have been planned had it not been for a chance encounter between Noe B. Calvillo, and Rosalva Cisneros Gonzalez several years ago.

As Program Director of the Adult Education Program with Region One, based in Edinburg, Texas, Noe (since retired and residing in Austin, Texas) would conduct staff training sessions for local school supervisors from throughout the Lower Rio Grande Valley. After one such session, Noe was approached by Rosalva, then Raymondville supervisor, and asked if he had relatives in Raymondville, “since he looked so much like several of my Tios (Uncles)” .

After a brief discussion, they learned they were indeed related as third cousins, as Rosalva‘s grandmother, Maria Hilaria Calvillo Cisneros Perez, was the sister of Noe’s grandfather, Francisco Calvillo.

“ I had been interested in our family history for several years before this particular encounter with Rosalva. My mother, Fidela, has been a great source of information for me. For a woman in her nineties, Mom still has a keen memory of events dating back close to eighty years ago”, stated Noe.

“ However, after my visit with Rosalva and then later, an introduction to her sister, Ruby Cisneros Casteel, who had been doing genealogical research on the Cisneros and Rios families, I began in earnest to do research on my family lineage”, continued Noe. “Ruby provided a great deal of demographic data on all the siblings of Eugenio and Filomena Calvillo, and we have been research collaborators for the last eighteen months.”

“ I began to find information from the vital statistics data at the Hidalgo County Courthouse, other information was gleaned from US Census records and the real early history material came from the Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints’ archives”, noted Noe.

Noe’s genealogical work has led him to document his ancestry back six generations to the mid-1700’s area of Aguascalientes, Mexico. His association with the genealogical organization, Nuestros Ranchos, resulted in a copy of the original birth certificate of his great-grandfather Eugenio Calvillo dated November 18, 1840 from the San Jose Parish in the community of Calvillo, Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Eugenio and Filomena Calvillo were married in 1877 in Hidalgo County and had two sons and six daughters : Candida (b.1878 - d.1936), Francisco (b.1881 - d. 1953), Carmen (b.1883 - d.1942), Manuela (b.1885 - d.1975), Maria Hilaria (b.1887 - d. 1932), Maria Rita (b. 1888 - d.1969), Guadalupe (b. 1890 - d.?), and Eugenio (b.1895 - d.1945). Their youngest daughter, Urselina, (b. 1897-d.?) died in childhood.

Organizers Noe and Ruby do not have an exact number of descendants for Eugenio and Filomena but they estimate that the figure is close to a thousand.

“ Interestingly enough, we know very little about the families of my grandfather’s siblings. We surmise that responsibilities to work and family left little time to commute and interact outside of one’s immediate neighborhood. For whatever reasons, there was very little interaction between us. Hopefully, the 2010 Calvillo Reunion will give us an opportunity to meet many of our descendants and catch up on family history that goes back several generations, ” Noe stated.

For more information, interested individuals can contact Noe B. Calvillo, at (512) 382-5852 ( or Ruby Cisneros Casteel at (210) 695-1953 ( By Romeo Rodriguez