Any Valley adults or teen-agers who wonder if a friend or relatve—or themselves—are going insane should see an unusual play at South Texas College in McAllen.

You can enjoy it even more if you are sane, probably.

Alex Tey is directing this remarkable play, "Dark Sonnets of the Lady." It runs five times Aug. 5-8 in the Black Box Theater at the South Texas College Cooper Center. The play begins at 7:30 p.m. Aug. 5-7 and 2 p.m. Aug. 7-8.

Luis Moreno stars as a young Freud who becomes fascinated with a beautiful, brilliant patient named Dora. Played by Ayssette Munoz, she threatens and puzzles Freud. The young woman outwits him often as his first patient he cannot understand.

Six other cast members have speaking roles that add to Freud's reputation as the man who created modern treatment for mental


They make the first real mental treatment. Playwright Don Nigro seems to have captured the attitudes well from more than a

century ago.

The six other speaking parts explode from Salomon Lopez, Amanda Chapa, Laya Hernandez, Marco Munoz,

Jonathan Dimas and Daniella Benavides. They too play parts that shake the bizzare action.

All this seems real onstage. The strange play works well, despite 90 minutes without a break. All the seats

are scattered around the stage. The audience members are invited to move around and change seats if they wish.

The cast comes so close to the audience that the audience feels it is part of the play.

The audience shoud stay out of the arguments, fights and dialogue, however.

All the actors have devoted a huge chunk of time to study a ferocious subject.

The Thirteen O'Clock Theatre Company is proving that relatively small stage companies can create big results. The price is well

worth $5 for students and $10 for adults. If you attend the close-up stage at South Texas College, you likely never will forget the

basically true play that gave hope to saving millions of mental patients.

I have reviewed several hundred plays for seven-odd newspapers over the past 60 years, starting as a teen-ager, and this one has become one of the best and most unusual, with real messages to help suffering people.

The production team is noteworthy too. They are Assistant Director Jonathan Torres, Producer Brisa Munoz, Set Jonathan Dimas, Sound Yanko Artidiello, Costumes Wilberth Gonzalez, Props Candy Gonzalez, Hair/Makeup Rick Mireles, Lights Jason Huerta, Stage Manager Robert de Hoyos, and Assistant Stage Manager Brittney Irvin.