Seve Lara is no stranger to having a microphone to his mouth as he is known around the area for being an announcer for local sporting events like Edinburg Roadrunner baseball games. But come July 1, his voice will be broadcast over the Internet where he will be a disc jockey for the new Internet radio station RGV Titan Radio.

“We’re doing a local-based Internet station,” Lara said. “It’s featuring local bands with original music.”

RGV Titan Radio will not be a specific genre. In fact the there are only two requirements to get some airtime.

“As long as you’re from the Valley and you have original music you’ll be played,” Lara said.

The idea hit Lara when he realized that something wrong was going on with all these local bands. The bands that he enjoyed listening to were not being played on the radio.

“Being at local shows I realized that these guys don’t get any exposure at all, especially on traditional radio,” Lara said. “In traditional radio it takes for you to be noticed at the shows, be signed by somebody and then for the record company to go out and promote you to the local radio stations before you can get played.”

Lara also said that their station is going to sideswipe all the traditional marketing schemes that would be required for a band to get air time.

“If you’re local, we want to hear it,” Lara said. “We want to get you (bands) some exposure.”

The station will go live on July 1, but there will be an official launch party on June 27 at Roosevelt’s Bar in McAllen. Admission is free but the radio station is asking for donations in form of non-perishable foods or $5 for the RGV Food Bank.

Some of the bands featured on the station are The Square Roots, Dignan, Karen Eubanks, Metal and Ink!, Fed of Me, Front Toward Enemy, Walk The Graves and Machete.