One of the biggest obstacles the United States Census Bureau faces is making sure that everyone is counted in order to allocate the necessary funds to the appropriate regions.

Here in the Rio Grande Valley it's no different. But now Junior's Supermarket is lending a helping hand in the effort to make sure everyone is counted and is helping settle the fears and questions anyone might have during the census.

"The people need to feel relaxed and confident because this is going to be a benefit for the communities," said Felix Chavez, owner of Junior's Supermarket. "A lot of the funds that come our way come by the numbers that are reported and it's very important that everybody is counted because that's the voice in Washington (D.C.) and that's the voice in Austin."

Chavez knows that some people are scared to turn in a census form because of their legal status but he wants to reassure not only his customers but everyone that people who live in the Rio Grande Valley are safe from the government.

"This has been a ghost," Chavez said. "I remember the last census count and I know of a lot of people that never responded questionairres or were even afraid to be somewhere to be counted so I know it's important that this information to be passed out to the people."

Junior's Supermarket customers can go to any one of their seven stores on the weekend and talk to the representatives from the Census Bureau so they can answer any questions they might have or fill out the census forms there in the store.

Arturo Vargas, executive director for the National Association for Latino Elected Officials, was on hand to stress the importance of this particular census because Latinos are the second largest community that is being counted.

"This is gong to be the most important census for our community in the history of our country," Vargas said. "This will be the Latino census because it's the first census where our (Latino) community is the second largest population."

For more information about the 2010 Census visit or visit Junior's Supermarket on the weekend. Representatives will be on hand to answer all questions anyone might have.