Many top students lit up one of America's wildest, weirdest

plays when Edinburg High School performed "Little Shop of Horrors."

Five performances jammed this comic shocker last week. It ran during one of the Valley's rare below-freezing ice storms.

Several cast members helped EHS place as second runner-up in the 5A University Interscholastic League state competition last year with "Marat/Sade." That was brutal. "Horrors" was funny.

"Horrors" relished far-out costumes and violent words that made some Winter Texans gasp. But nobody fainted. Everyone seemed to laugh, like a far-out college play.

This summary of the cast, condensed from their roles, only suggests what a frenzied two hours it filled.

Kurt Cruz plays a Chinese shop-owner convincingly.

Joshua Kennedy suffers by befriending a man-eating plant.

Andrea Negrete picks the wrong boyfriend, disastrously.

David Zapata speaks for the dangerous plant.

Luis Gonzalez imitates a wino and a disc jockey.

Marco A. Munoz scares as a sadistic dentist.

Laura Hinojosa succeeds as a puppeteer and sad school girl.

Christopher "Turk" Tacderas plays a creepy customer and jogger.

Alex Villarreal is a sharp, slick agent.

Pernell Quilon plays another Chinese man well.

Eryn Bartlick adds to the wino imitators as cautionary.

Noe Gonzalez helps contain the killer-plant. Adrian

Hinojosa plays a school kid well, the only student cast as one.

Amanda Vela and Virginia Jimenez save future lives

as Ladies of Skid Row. They make all who saw this show beware of a life like this.

Six dancers, The Ronnettes, faked being adults as well as the cast did. They are Danielle Palomo, Violet Cantu, Danielle McDonald, Miranda Grabowski, Lisa Marie Lopez and Madison Palomo.

Stage Director Thomas Green made this show a beacon to spotlight such a talented group.

Assistant Stage Director Susibeth Elisarraras, Vocal Musical Director Nancy Lenz, and Student Vocal Director Chrissy Zerda also share this triumph.