To suggest that a movie about a popular high school cheerleader (Megan Fox) who’s transformed into a flesh-eating demon not be taken literally sounds like a “no-brainer.” But if treated like the tongue-in-cheek social satire that I’m certain it is, this film comes off as a subversively clever and fairly original work that’s much better than it has any right to be. Much of its strength stems from Diablo Cody’s (JUNO) screenplay, replete with dialogue that gives its teenage characters credit for being intelligent without relinquishing their cool. Having said that, I’m not sure that viewers near the age of the movie’s characters will grasp the satirical premise of young guys being the main entrée for a teen queen who’s out of their league or an indie rock band willing to give Satanic rituals and worship a try to achieve fame and fortune. Even if you don’t pick up on the very dark intended humor, you can appreciate Amanda Seyfried’s (MAMMA MIA!) presence, as Fox’s (TRANSFORMERS) spectacle-wearing best friend who’s actually the axis around which this film rotates. Notable, too, in a supporting role is the always appealing J.K. Simmons (BURN AFTER READING) who’s rapidly becoming one of my favorite character actors. Even if BODY isn’t in the realm of some of the films it’s tipping its hat to (CARRIE, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST), it’s still bloody good fun and well-directed by Karyn Kusama (GIRLFIGHT) who gravitates toward stories about empowered young women. Above all, though, it’s the writing that gives this movie a firm foundation that’s able to overcome its minor defiencies.

MY LIST OF THE 10 MOST STUPID WOMEN IN ENTERTAINMENT: (in ascending order): 10. Lindsay “Now I’m just pathetic” Lohan 9. Kathie Lee “No wonder Frank screwed around” Gifford 8. Victoria “The soccer of people” Beckham 7. Megan “Dumb as a rock” Fox 6. Paris “Why am I still allowed to suck air?” Hilton 5. Elisabeth “Open mouth, empty head” Hasselbeck 4. Jennifer “Hi, these are my breasts” Love-Hewitt 3. Jessica “I’m too stupid to live or keep a man” Simpson 2. Paula “The world’s oldest Laker girl” Abdul 1. Anyone named Kardashian