When J.J. Rodriguez was 18 years old he made a decision in his life that would ultimately save it. The 31-year-old counselor at A Vision For You is hoping that through his experiences and knowledge he has gained over the years he can help others succeed in recovery.

“I am in recovery and I’ve been in recovery since I was about 18 years old,” Rodriguez said. “Basically from that point on we’ve been researching what the real solution is and what people down here need as far as help.”

Rodriguez is now doing sessions at A Vision For You. The sessions are modeled on the Alcoholics Anonymous program that was created in 1935 and has been serving people ever since.

“People are not really talking about the solution that saves people’s lives,” Rodriguez said. “There’s a program called Alcoholics Anonymous and the solution that they started is the solution that we want to help people with today.”

Rodriguez also feels that over the years different facilities, treatment centers or the government think they know how to treat this problem but he says they don’t.

“They’re just spending money on nothing,” he said.

At A Vision For You, the curriculum they use is based out of the AA program and it’s designed to help a person have a spiritual experience.

“Our curriculum, we broke it down and in the first month we’ll talk about your addiction, your relationship with alcohol and drugs. We’ll let you see to identify the problem,” Rodriguez explained. “With any addiction there’s a three-part illness which is body, mind and spirit and we break that down for you.”

With the three-part illness, there are some exercises that Rodriguez and his staff shows a person and they try to help a person find a solution for them. They helps patients get past their denial.

“That’s a big problem today because people don’t accept that they have a problem,” he said.

The second month of the program lets people know that there is something else out there than drugs or alcohol. Rodriguez tells them that there is a strength and a force called courage and he wants people to see that.

“Some people are very uncomfortable with that,” he explained. “We guide them through it and if they don’t want to understand that we help them develop a trust.”

The third month of the program helps patients with guided meditation and creative visualization, prayer, moral guidance, and life coaching to get them on the broad path to live a better life with this solution.

A Vision For You opened its doors two weeks ago and is located at the housing authority in Edinburg at 900 Veterans Blvd. For people of the housing authority it’s free and fees for other people range on how much they make for a living.

Rodriguez urges people who think they might have a problem to go and see what A Vision For You is about.

“I really urge people just to come out and see for themselves what this is all about because there’s a lot of people out there suffering,” he said. “We can help any type of person.”