The City of Edinburg is giving the local baseball club, the Edinburg Roadrunners, just 30 days to clear what it calls "significantly delinquent" payments or face possible eviction, city officials said Tuesday.

At the most recent meeting of the City Council on Feb. 16, the council agreed to apply a contractual clause they share with Edinburg Equities LLC, the legal entity operating as the Roadrunners, to recoup $100,000 owed to the city since last season.

Payments are due every summer when the club takes control of the stadium, according to city officials. When the season beings in May, the club pays $45,000 for every month the stadium is in use.

Mayor Richard Garcia and City Council say they have authorized city staff and its legal department to look at all available options to remedy this situation.

“This is being fiscally responsible, in line with being equitable to all concerned.  In the past when someone hasn’t paid they have not received any special treatment," Garcia said. "That’s part of being fiscally responsible.”

Representatives from the Roadrunners say they have every intention of paying the full amount before the season starts. Baseball will continue this summer, representatives say.

"The eviction process was a discussion not an action," Roadrunners General Manager Doug Leary said on Wednesday afternoon.  "Things have been discussed in a very timely manner so their is no fear of eviction. We will meet our obligations."

City officials say they have taken steps to remedy the issue of non-payment well ahead of the upcoming season in May.

"It's done in a way that it's way before the season begins. We certainly don't want to interfere with the season," said City Manager Ramiro Garza. "We're sending them a letter and that's the bottom line to let them know that they have not complied with the terms of the contract. The contract states that there needs to be 30 days notice and that's the period we are in right now. If they don't pay within 30 days, then the agreement is no longer in place. At this point we are just going to through the process."