The opportunity to host Region IV tournaments in Edinburg next year is a dream come true for Athletic Director Joe Filoteo.

Along with Hidalgo ISD and UIL Region 7 athletic director Albert Guerra, Filoteo addressed the City Council at their regular meeting on Aug. 18. At the city meeting Filoteo explained the impact of the plan that will have all teams from south Texas, including San Antonio playing in the Valley until 2014.

The decision by UIL capped a 15-year effort superintendents, athletic directors, and various school district personnel who have long said that budgetary constraints, increasing costs of transportation and loss of instructional time have motivated the change.

Some districts can pay more than $30,000 to transport teams to go to regional meets, and its Valley students who are the ones impacted by missing school to compete, Filoteo said.

First of all this has been a long awaited dream for our athletes, coaches and athletic directors to host some competition at a regional level here in the Valley, Filoteo said following his presentation to city leaders. I think the impact its going to make, just having the teams come down here economically and competitive wise, it creates an even playing field.

The Valley will host the Region IV-5A golf tournament in 2010, 2011 and 2012. The boys regional golf tournament will be held at Palmview Golf Course in McAllen and the girls at Los Lagos Golf Club in Edinburg.

The Valley will also host the Region IV-5A soccer tournament in 2011 and 2012. Region IV-5A volleyball and basketball tournaments will be held in the Valley in 2013 and 2014.

What Im looking forward to is the tremendous following of fans. We always had a great group going up to see us in Regionals, I cant imagine what its going to be like when they stay here and watch our kids compete, Filoteo said.