Signs for the Las Palmas Historic District were unveiled Friday Oct. 22 at a ceremony on 15th street and Cedar avenue.

The event was sponsored by the McAllen Historic Preservation Council and the City of McAllen.

“It covers 15th street from Cedar to Hackberry,” Javier Cervantes, Neighborhood Planner with the City of McAllen said. “What the city is doing is preserving the history that way if someone wants to make a change to a building they have to go before the historic preservation council and they have to approve the changes because we don’t want people altering history.”

At the event, Spurgeon “Spud” Brown reminisced about the historic street and how it came to be a staple in the city’s history.

Brown explained that north 15th street was some of the finer homes that were built in McAllen during the 1920s and 1930s. Many merchants, doctors and lawyers moved into these homes. One of the merchants was D. Guerra. Another person was R.D. Cox who was a lawyer moved into a house on 15th street and Brown said that he helped keep law and order in the city.

One of the more popular residents was Sam Miller who was a banker. Miller’s original house is still on 15th street and has three historical markers.

For more information about the street contact the City of McAllen.