The Valley Town Crier and The RGV Business Journal will hold a free Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) seminar on Thursday, Jan. 29 at the McAllen Chamber of Commerce located on 1200 Ash Ave. from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch will be provided, door prizes will be given away.

TOMA is a program that teaches how to effectively market your business and be “in control” of your advertising. It is a measurement of name awareness among local consumers that will help make an impression in the mind of consumers on your business.

In a recent phone TOMA study conducted in McAllen, customers were asked to name companies from different categories such as entertainment, pharmacy, cellular phone sales and banks. Each company that was named first, show that they have been able to reach the consumer through advertising and marketing.

“With the tremendous growth of the Valley, the competition amongst companies have increased, therefore it is very important for owners to be prepared to position their companies in front of the general public. This program will show them how to do it,” said Ernesto Loya-Fano, advertising manager for The Valley Town Crier.

For more information contact Melissa Hernandez at or 956-682-2423.