Last November, the Cubby Hole Bar and Grill opened its door again under new ownership and management. The remodeled bar and grill would become successful in an instant with patrons visiting the establishment during the week and weekends and staying until the place closed at 2 a.m.??The Cubby Hole added a back patio where owner Gilbert Longoria Jr. wanted to have bands and a place where patrons could enjoy the outside weather.??"(We have) live bands and we were trying to raise money for a couple of organizations and we had a couple of live bands there so we did that," Longoria said. "And we were having a radio in the back of the patio (too)."??The patio at the Cubby Hole soon became a problem for some of the residents on Austin Blvd. who were trying to enjoy some peace and quiet. One of those residents is Ruben Reyes who lives two houses down from The Cubby Hole.??"I called the police four straight weekends and I even had them walk into my house so they could verify my complaint and they agreed," Reyes said. "And every time I called was after 12 o'clock."??Longoria said in an interview that he had permission to put on shows in the patio area with the original approval for the establishment by Director of Planning and Zoning for the City of Edinburg Juan Lopez.??"(Juan) Lopez gave the approval for these shows," Longoria said. That was in our original plan. The reason we're trying to defend ourselves is because of that."??After numerous complaints, the planning and zoning board put into motion the revocation of a special use permit for an on-premise consumption of alcoholic beverages for the Cubby Hole Bar and Grill.??On Wednesday, the city council let voted unanimously to allow the Cubby Hole Bar and Grill to continue operating but they wanted all parties to sit down and come to a compromise.??"We didn't initiate that we wanted to terminate that license," Reyes said. "The people who started that were the planning and zoning board after they got numerous complaints. So I met with them and Mr. Maldonado, the owner, the operator didn't show up, they voted and they unanimously voted to revoke his license.??"It had to be approved by the city and the city overturned the planing and zoning board's decision and that's where we stand but what I wanted is for them to close at 12 but it didn't happen. But other than that we're happy because they know that we're concerned by the noise ordinance."??In the City of Edinburg, once noise passes 65 decibels it is considered to be disturbing the peace.??Longoria said that there hasn't been any shows or music of any kind in the patio lately and come the summer months he will have some music back there, but it will be during the day and early in the night.??"We have no music in the patio whatsoever and in the summer we are going to have some but during the day from maybe 3 o'clock until 9 o'clock so it doesn't bother our neighbors," Longoria said. "I think next time we're just going to have to ask them if it's okay before we do it as respect to the neighbors."??Reyes has been satisfied with the fact that there hasn't been any music lately, but he also hopes that the patrons can maybe take the party inside at midnight.??"About three weeks ago they (Cubby Hole) moved the music inside and we haven't called (the police) and we've been fine since then," Reyes said. "So we haven't bothered them in the last three or four weeks. The only thing is that they will probably have some people out in the patio until 2 and you know how people behave even without loud music. If they stay out late until two they start talking, laughing and maybe yelling at some point and this could be heard because we're so dog gone close. That was my concern if they continue to operate until two and they'll have people out in the patio in the summer."?