In January, Mayor Richard Garcia stood in front of a podium on the stage of the recently renovated Edinburg Auditorium.

He was giving his State of the City address to the City of Edinburg. In his speech he reminded the audience about several things like the fiscal responsibility that the city has been executing and job creation. But another thing Garcia talked about in his address was the city auditorium.

“The news today is that it will soon serve again as a communtiy performance venue when the original seating is restored,” Garcia said.

The auditorium is open and ready to go. Just last week Edinburg North High School brought in a jazz ensemble from San Francisco.

“It’s going to be open to schools as well,” said Ramiro Garza, Edinburg’s city manager. “They brought in a musician in from the west coast and that’s just one of the potentioal uses for it even though each school is going to have its own fine arts auditorium.”

In the past, the auditorium was used for special events like dances, for example, but now the auditorium is going to be geared towards performance events.

“We now have carpet in there now so we can’t have dances or anything like that,” Garza said. “The university has a fine arts facility and they’re looking to expand it, as well, but this is a growing area and there is a growing need for ballet and performances like that.”

Garza also said that groups who are wanting to perform and have to work around the university’s fine arts schedule because they need a venue can now come and perform at the city auditorium.

The auditorium, which was built in 1927, will play a key component to the downtown plan that is being drafted for the city.

“It’s tied to our downtown redevelopment,” Garza said. “We are currently doing a plan and that’s a key component to all that because we have our courtyard here and we want it to be used for special events.”

Garza wants to make sure the residents of Edinburg know that the city auditorium is avaiable for the city and that even though other venues are availble for use, the city is not here to compete with the other venues.

“It’s not meant to compete with the school district or the university,” Garza said. “It’s meant to really compliment what they will have in place and how this center here can be tied in together with everything we are doing to redevelop the downtown area.”