Opening ceremonies for the Pharr Centennial Hub Phestival took place last week at the Texas Theater ballroom where the Texas First Lady, the mayor, City officials and the community gathered for the official welcome of the hub festival.

Pharr is the only city in the State of Texas to be designated as a “Triple Crown City” which means it has receive the Preserve America City, National Main Street City, and All-America City awards.

“Today we celebrate our past, tomorrow we celebrate our present and tonight our future,” said Pharr Leopoldo “Polo” Palacios.

Bob Cuellas, Main Street Board Chairperson said that after a hundred years of existence everyone needs to stop and reflect and thank the people that made Pharr what it is today. “The city was built by people that have spent time and made sacrifices to make Pharr grow. It’s not the city, not the buildings or the streets that make the sideway — it is the people.”

The first lady was present at the first Hub festival in 2004 and was invited again for the centennial ceremony. She said this was not only an important anniversary for Pharr, but also an important anniversary for her because in 2004 she helped designate Pharr as a Main Street City.

“The proud residents of Pharr have proven what it takes to have hometown spirit,” she said.

She said there is much to be proud of a city where residents care about the community. “Creating a healthy, successful growing community can’t be done by one person alone. It takes vision, hard work, passion and a dedicated group of people to see results.”

Honored at the opening ceremonies were businesses in operation in Pharr for more than 40 years, citizens living in Pharr for more than 80 years and oldest female and male citizen born in Pharr. Former and current elected officials were also recognized.