AUSTIN – Nora Longoria filed on Monday for Justice 13th Court of Appeals Place 2.

The Edinburg native released the following statement:

"I am committed to the legal profession and to the integrity and sanctity of the judicial system. My promise is to always apply the law fairly and without bias in all cases.

My heart is in South Texas.  No other place has ever been my home.  I am dedicated to its people and the proper protection of their constitutional rights and the rights of all citizens to the safe haven of a fair and unbiased court system.

I was born and raised in Edinburg, Texas... and I am proud to be a seventh generation Texan!  

I went to Edinburg High School and graduated in 1983.

I attended the University of Texas A&M in 1983 and I graduated in 1986 with a major in political science and a minor in history.

After graduation, I attended the University of Texas School of Law in 1987.  I graduated in 1990.

I am proud to be a Texas Aggie and a Texas Longhorn!

Upon graduation in 1990 I returned to the Valley and immediately began working for the Law Firm of Kelley, Looney, Alexander and Sawyer.  After that, I worked for the Law Firm of Ellis, Koeneke and Ramirez.  My next firm was Thornton, Summers, Beichlin, Dunham and Brown where I was allowed to maintain my own extensive litigation docket.  

After several years with Thornton and Summers, I decided to start my litigation practice, first as a sole practitioner, and later as a name partner in the Law Firm of Hockema & Longoria LLP, where I practice today.

Our 13th Court of Appeals covers 20 counties...yet we share common hopes and expectations for our legal system...and for the Justices that must rule fairly and impartially on the cases that affect our lives, our livelihoods and our future.

For the past 21 years, I have worked hard as an Attorney throughout all of South Texas earning the respect of my clients, peers and Judges that I have appeared before. I have represented people from all walks of life and know that each person that appears before the court is entitled to equal justice. The politics of special interest groups with opportunistic agendas have no place on any Court.

It would be my honor to serve as your next Justice for the 13th Court of Appeals Place 2 where liberty and justice will be afforded to all."