The 3rd Annual Community Health Fair and Edinburg on Wheels took place this weekend at the Edinburg Chamber of Commerce. The health fair was created to bring awareness and promote health and health businesses in the area.

“We want to bring awareness and let everyone know that they need to take care of themselves,” said Imelda Rodriguez, Director of Tourism for the Edinburg Chamber of Commerce.

Over 12 local businesses and organizations in the health and medical field were on hand. Visitors were able to get blood pressure screenings, eye screenings, massages and information on other topics ranging from dentistry to treatment of varicose veins. Companies included, Doctors Hospital at Renaissance, Stonebridge Injury Accident Clinic, Dentistry Clinic and South Texas Health System.

Visitors were also able to participate in the Edinburg on Wheels, a six mile bike ride through the “Hike and Bike” trails of Edinburg. Rodriguez said the Edinburg on Wheels is done twice a year to promote the bike trails the area has to offer to visitors. Over 60 people participated in this “Hike and Bike” trail and took about an hour to complete.

“This is a friendly bike ride; it is not a competitive race. We just want to promote the hike and bike trails,” said Frank Lara, Director of Membership for the Edinburg Chamber of Commerce.

Lara said this fair is important because it is a way to promote and encourage health fitness. “Fast food is taking over our lives, different things going on in the world like diabetes so we are trying to change that,” he said.