Surrounded by the glorious Kirk Clark exhibit, Metaphysikos Ignites, the Salvation Army held their Red Shield, Red Tie, Red Carnation Dinner at the IMAS earlier this month.

An evening filled with entertainment (the Houston Harbor Light Choir), information - as Major Ford described the many ways the Salvation Army has aided countless individuals and families over the years, and sharing when Vincent Allen shared his own personal story with the Salvation Army and how it saved his life.

The Houston Harbor Light Choir, made up of current and former substance abuse program participants who have demonstrated success and initiative toward their recovery, paraded in singing and captured the audience attention and approval within seconds. Bringing members of the audience up to clap and swing with them, their uplifting music was a highlight, though the whole evening proved to be enlightening.

Major Ford shared with all the history of the Salvation Army which was begun in 1865 by William Booth, the myriad of projects it undertakes and called upon all to consider contributing in a variety of ways - financially, time or talents.

Accepting the William Booth Award, one of the highest awards conferred upon an individual by the Salvation Army, was Ray Moore, a faithful board member. The recipient is honored for their dedication to the Salvation Army’s Goal of Service and outstanding service to the community though the donation of time, talents and energy.

Using the Salvation Army’s slogan of “Feed Them, Clean Them, Save Them,” the Major reminded the attendees that through all their many projects, the best commodity the Salvation Army offers to all those who come to them for help is simply … Hope.