Thoughts on Poverty

“I had a friend whose mom did drugs. I felt bad cause he never had anything to eat. So I would take him in and my mom would act like he was part of the family…Then one day his mom lost her house and they had to move. I knew that he would live a life that he wasn’t meant to. A year later I found out he got locked up for jacking up Wal-Mart. I feel bad because I knew I could have helped him. But he always begged me not to report his mom.” —Jesse

“People need help, money to buy food. Everyone sharing one bed. Washing their clothes on rain. Sharing the same clothes. Hand me downs their clothes. People don’t have the abilities to work because they don’t graduate from high school.”


I Remember

“I see a migrant crossing a fence. I see people risking their lives. But I can’t see the type of life they live daily. I can’t hear the kids cry when they’re hungry and their family has no money to buy them food. But I know that I should feel thankful for what I do have instead of what I don’t…I feel very grateful because I don’t have to be crossing the border…”


“Bars was the case and they blamed me. I’m just wondering if god can save me. From all the trouble I have caused for now my life is put on pause…Hope my mom’s proud of me. I stopped doing drugs, I stopped shooting slugs, now my mom is giving me hugs…”


“I remember being in head start and before picture day my mom took me to get a hair cut I really hated. I remember instead of smiling frowning to a camera. It was because of that ugly short hair I had that made me look like a little wimpy boy…I remember feeling real sad, horrible, like if the world had ended to me. This was the day I lost my amazing, lovely, funny grandpa. He passed away for having diabetes. I remember turning fifteen, having my quinceanera. Feeling like I was celebrating with my family but celebrating without joy. Wishing my grandpa could be alive so that I would get a chance to dance with him…just how I always dreamed of. Now all I think of is if he misses me as much as I miss him.”


“I remember when the neighbor was looking for help was asking for money or job but no one give nothing to him one time I saw the electricity company going to my neighbor house to disconnect the light. I saw the water company disconnect the water. The neighbor was worried what is gonna happen to them. The neighbor on the night she was using candle to see on the dark.”


I Believe

“I believe I can be a better person. My goal is to try and stay out of trouble. I believe I can do better things in life. I believe I can accomplish whatever comes my way. I believe I can do things the right way. I Believe I can stop my bad habits. I believe…”


“I believe that I can do anything if I make it a strong goal of mine and then I would push myself to accomplish it. I believe I can be successful just like anyone else can. I believe that everyone has the same amount of knowledge. You just have to know how to use it…”


Other Musings

“Sometimes when I’m in class I tend to get loud and unfocused in my class so I miss the instructions and I would get in trouble for it. I wish during school I would be calm and quiet and focused in my work so I can pass and make my mom proud.”


“La Rosa reminds me of myself. When you look at a rose you automatically smile at its beauty and the softness and kindness of the flower. It starts off as a seed and soon starts to bloom and blossom, so am I. I started off small, not knowing much, and so I’m growing and blossoming into a beautiful, kind woman that has grown into something better.”


Pencil: Why are you taking away my hard work?

Eraser: Because I don’t like what you’re doing.

Pencil: Why not it’s a masterpiece.

Eraser: That’s not true it’s just trash.

Pencil: Why you hatin’?

Eraser: Because I can’t write like you do.