Edinburg Environmental Advisory boardmember Mark Peņa was appointed to the Edinburg EDC and replaces Elias Longoria.

City Councilmembers appointed 12 new members to the new Downtown Steering Committee, which provide guidance on the preparation of the downtown plan within the next 12 months. Individuals represent businesses in the downtown study area they are:

Mayor Richard Garcia, Planning and Zoning Commissioner Robert McGurk, EEDC boardmember Felipe Garcia, Chamber president Letty Gonzalez, Brenda Garza Salazar with Hidalgo County, Shan Rankin from Museum of South Texas History, Mark A. Saenz with UTPA, Alexis J. Sereni of First National Bank, Mark Peņa with the Edinburg Environmental Advisory Board, business owner Markus Villarreal and retired UTPA professor Dr. Walter Greene.


City approved:

The purchase of commercial metal containers from Roll Off's USA, the lowest bidder, to replenish depleted departmental inventory, and to continue addressing increased service demands. Bid was awarded on a per unit price basis in order to meet the operational needs of the department. Initial cost: $125,945.

The purchase of swimming pool chemicals for the Edinburg Municipal Waterpark Pool and Fountain Center. Total cost: $24,373 awarded to three separate entities: Valley Solvents & Chemicals from Harlingen ($20,900), Univar U.S.A. from Dallas ($2,283), Actylene Oxygen Company from McAllen ($1,190).

Purchase of Water Plant Chemicals for a total amount of $149,036 awarded to Acetylene Oxygen Company ($131,229), General Chemical Performance Products LLC ($10,557), and Brenntag Southwest Inc. ($7,250).

A bid for fuel, motor oil and lubricants to Oil Patch Fuel & Supply Inc. and Hollon Oil Company to a two year service contract. Funding available through the 2009-2010 Fiscal Year General, Airport, Ebony Hills Golf Course, Los Lagos Golf Club and Solid Waste Management Fund Operating Budget. Hollon Oil total extended price ($137,967). Oil Patch Fuel extended price ($1,440,541).

Purchase of construction materials from Frontera Materials Inc. Unit price of $43.67 per ton of hot mix, $80 per ton of cold mix and $2.90 per ton of of crushed caliche. Total price: $305,680

Awarded a bid for field maintenance at Edinburg Baseball Stadium to All-Star Turf Inc. for a total amount of $96,000. Bid calls for the complete maintenance of the stadium, not only the baseball field but landscaping on the concourse and outside of the facility.

Awarded a bid for hauling services to Sunbelt Express Service Inc. for hot mix at $6.25 per ton, and crushed calich for a unit price of $3.42 per ton. Total bid price: $149,436.

Purchased a utility trailer for Utility Systems Division from Freightliner of Austin, through the Texas Local Government Purchasing Contract in amount of $18,116.

Purchased a 2010 Chevrolet-2500 Silverado Crew Cab from Caldwell Country Chevrolet through the Houston Galveston Area Council (HGAC). Total amount: $37,095. New vehicle will be used by deputy chief for emergency response, travel and administrative use. Fire Department has budgeted $40,000 in Fiscal Year 2009-2010 to purchase a new vehicle.

Purchased two front deck mowers from C&CE Equipment-John Deere Company in the amount of $29,579. Mowers will be used in the City Parks Division. A total of $30,000 has been budgeted out of the 2009-2010 Fiscal Year General Fund for the purchase of these two items.

Purchased city vehicles from Philpott Motors in Nederland, Texas through the Texas Local Government Purchasing Contract for a total amount of $200,147. Vehicles include:

2010 F-150 EXT Cab to Joe Zamora of Streets Division-($19,847_

2010 F-150 Reg. Cab to Diana Ramos of Code Enforcement-($15,955)

2010 F-150 EXT Cab to John Haley of Ebony Golf-($18,852)

2010 Ranger to Debora Melvin from South Texas Airpot-($13,636)

2010 F-150 EXT. cab 4X4 to Ramiro Gomez of Waste Management ($22,380)

2010 F-150 EXT. cab to Jesse Lopez of Parks and Rec ($20,216)

2010 F-150 CREW cab 4X4 to Pat Sanchez of the Water Plant ($24,040)

2010 F-250 Reg. Cab to Pat Sanchez with Systems ($26,176)

2010 F-150 Reg. cab to Pat Sanchez with Systems (16,427)

2010 Explorer to Irma Garza with Public Information ($22,217)

Approved funding for Edinburg Little League in the amount of $7,500. The league is requesting funding to help the baseball program grow. Last season, over 600 boys and girls were able to participate in the baseball program.