Thereís every logical reason for me to hate this over-the-top, silly movie about a pair of lifelong best friends/business partners (John Travolta, Robin Williams) who take on the care of seven-year-old twins (Conner Rayburn, Ella Bleu Travolta) after Williams (Good Will Hunting) learns heís their dad. Not only is the unexpected fatherhood plot totally implausible here but itís been done any number of times in much better films (e.g. 3 Men and a Baby). The humor is sophomoric and abounds with flatulence, guys getting hit in the groin, misadventures with prescription drugs and an aged, incontinent canine that continues to pee as he ambles from one resting spot to another. If youíre laughing after reading that last sentence, youíre not alone because thereís a funny thing about comedy. Steve Martin (Parenthood) said it isnít pretty, but I believe that if it can make you consistently guffaw for an hour-and-a half or more then itís accomplished its purpose. Thatís the best way for me to explain why I liked this movie even though as cinematic food itís one humongous Twinkie. Another reason may be that both male leads look like theyíre really enjoying themselves even when some of their ďbitsĒ crash with the kind of thud normally reserved for the lamest Jerry Lewis movie (Hardly Working). Seth Green (The Italian Job) must have known that his character is totally ridiculous and he plays it to the hilt without ever rightly trying to make him like a real person. Thereís no doubt in my mind that most critics and reviewers are likely to skewer this movie for the very things that I found amusing about it. But laughter, like the H1N1 Virus, can be infectious and I, along with the sizeable audience I saw it with, was usually afflicted in a good kind of way.

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