1. Approval of Elevator Maintenance Service, First Year Contract Renewal., awarded to ThyssenKrupp Elevator from Corpus Christi. COST $26,000

2. Approval of Newsletter Printing Services for Public Information, First and Final Contract Renewal to The Monitor from McAllen. COST $30,380

3. Approval of Moving Portable Building Services, First and Final Contract Renewal. Awarded to Iglesias Brothers House Movers from Edinburg, COST $40,000

4. Approval for the purchase of LaserJet Printers and Scanners, awarded to Dell Direct and US Tech, COST $25,000

5. Approval for Multimedia Projectors, Digital Photography, Digital Video Cameras and PDAs awarded to Dell Direct and Austin Ribbon and Computer, COST $25,000

6. Approval of TI-Plus Graphing Calculators awarded to D&H Distributing Company, COST $20,511

7. Approval of Air Conditioner and Control Parts and Labor from Texas Cooperative Purchasing Network awarded to Trane from San Antonio, COST $54,000

8. Approval of Reprographic Services, awarded to RGV Reprographics, Inc. from McAllen. COST $138,800

9. Approval for Asbestos Consultant Services for Maintenance & Facilities, awarded to Reba-Kistner Consultants, Inc., OST 44,000


1. Approval of the Tobacco Compliance Grant Application for School-Based Police.

2. Approval of Consultant Agreement with Kagan Professional Development to Provide Training for all Economedes High School Teachers in Cooperative Learning Strategies COST $12,997

3. Approval of Consultant Agreement Including Materials with Teacher's Workshop for Professional Staff Development for K-12 Teachers and Administrators COST $9,450

4. Approval of Contract with William MacDonald of "May the Fours Be With You"—Training Using Creative Strategies That Will Increase Writing Scores on the TAKS Test COST $17,500

5. Approval for Contracted Service Agreement for Staff Development on the "Esperanza" Multisensory Spanish Language Arts Curriculum for Pre-K and Kinder Bilingual Education Teachers That Will Participate in the 2009 Summer Staff Development Sessions COST $2,526


1. Approval for Participation in the Texas Department of Agriculture Seamless Summer Food Service Program. This program entitles students up to the age of 18 to be served a free breakfast and lunch during the program period at summer school campuses and at the Hidalgo County Juvenile Detention Center, City of Edinburg Parks & Recreation and the Boys & Girls Club 2020.

2. Approval for Construction Materials Testing for Middle School #6 COST $7,279

3. Approval for Geotechnical Exploration for Economedes High School Fine Arts Facility. Proposal from Professional Services Inc., COST $5,590

4. Approval for the Schematic Design Documents for Group C—Fine Arts Facilities from Broaddus & Associates.

5. Approval for the Schematic Design for Group D—Brewster School Gym/Classroom Additions from Broaddus & Associates.

6. Approval for the 2008 Bond Projects Mass Purchasing List.

7. Approval for Interlocal Cooperation Agreement between Edinburg CISD and the City of Edinburg for South Middle School Traffic and Circulation Improvements, COST $65,136

8. Approval for Consultant Contract Agreement with Sharon Wells Consulting Inc to Provide Training in Mathematics for Teachers in Grades 2-5 COST $72,024

9. Approval for the 2009-2010 Region One Education Service Center Contract/Agreement for CScope Curriculum System District Annual License COST $207,368

10. Approval for Contract/Consultant Agreement with Sure Score for 50 District Middle School Students and 30 District High School Students COST $23,000