Can many Americans understand how Adolph Hitler came close to winning World War II?

Or did luck and bravery save the world between 1939 and 1945?

After this unusual historical record was printed in 1962, it became a hot book for historians.

First captured in Hitlerís own words, the book records exactly what he said, using tape-recorders during meetings with his generals. This was translated into English in 1984.

Oddest of all, perhaps, he never bothered to check back on the tapes.

Anyone interested in World War II, or crazy leaders of a nation, should read it.

It is surreal to see, in print, Hitlerís incredible words, from logical ideas to growing madness, toward the end. He could be as smart as a leader of a powerful nation, or as dangerous as a coiled rattlesnake.

Some 6,000 Germans were killed, most unpleasantly, when top army officers plotted to kill Hitler near the end of the war.

In my book-filled home, I discovered the book this month and devoured its first 783 pages about Hitler within six days. The final 300-some pages are great notes by thorough Germans, but not as interesting as Hitlerís role, part weird genius, and eventually a suicide when Russian troops took Berlin and his dream of world conquest ended.

Oddly, I kept this book and canít recall who gave me this impressive masterpiece. It is inscribed simply ďFor Martin with love from Dad, Christmas 2003. Read this book and weep!Ē

Few books among uncounted thousands I have read, good and bad, affected me so much as getting to see what Hitler said, and had coming.

This remains an ideal present to many men, some women and a few advanced children, who can stand the brutal truth of Hitlerís Nazi regime.

This book can be purchased at major book stores at prices between $30 and $40 or find it in a library. This book proves that unqualified maniacs ó Hitler was a corporal in World War I ó donít make good national leaders.