Let me introduce myself, this being my first column and all. My family and I moved from Utah to Texas a couple months ago. Migrating from Utah was a big change. As you may guess, many things are much different here in Texas compared to my original stomping grounds in Utah. However different it might be I am enjoying adjusting to our new home. I am also enjoying the funny quirks I notice along the way that make me stop and say, “Only in Texas.” With that said, one of the things that has made me say, “Only in Texas,” is . . .

It’s “cold” when the temperature drops below 70 degrees. I have quickly discovered a large majority of Texans are wimps when it comes to the weather. When the seasons “changed” from summer to fall and temperatures plummeted into the low 80’s I noticed some wardrobe changes. Sweaters and sweatshirts, leggings, boots, scarves, gloves … almost everything but earmuffs. Meanwhile, here I am still in the peak of my summer wardrobe.

Let me try and give you a small glimpse of what you are not missing. Utah winters start in October and end in April. This leaves five months of bearable weather. Weather that doesn’t make you want to cry every time you step outside your front door. Weather where you don’t have to plan for 30 extra minutes in the morning to de-ice your car. Weather that isn’t cold enough to serve as a freezer just in case yours breaks.

Before we moved to Texas I got in contact with some locals. “It got cold the other night, almost down to 30 degrees!” As they were saying this I was bundled up in my house in Utah where the temperature outside was in the negatives. 30 degrees would have felt like heaven compared to what I had been enduring for the last couple months. I had trudged to my college classes with three feet of snow on the ground, canyon winds blowing snow crystals in my face, layers of ice on the sidewalks, and me decked out in layers of thermals, sweats, coats, scarves, hats, gloves, socks, boots, hand warmers, etc. Needless to say, when we were trying to decide whether or not to pack-up and move to Texas, the 70-degree temperatures they were currently enjoying was a big persuading factor.

Now I bask in the sun of 80-degree days in absolute bliss, smirking at the fact that a couple thousand miles up the road my loved ones are getting ready to hibernate for the winter. Who knows, maybe someday I will become a wimp myself and 50 degrees will make me dust of my winter wardrobe that is currently enjoying its home in the attic. I am looking forward to it.