"Full Faith and Credit" is a book well worth reading. Its fiction sounds more and more as if it's becoming real.

Everyone who reads it ought to learn a lot. The author, James R. Cook, comes from Minneapolis. Rave reviews already decorate him from many states plus Canada.

Here is a sample of remarks about the totally unusual novel with a professional background.

"Maybe one of the timeliest books of the season." "Fast-paced financial spellbinder . It's a compelling work and a difficult book to put down."

"Cook's well-researched and suspenseful tale grabs the reader after just a couple of pages.so crisply-written, even a financial novice can follow it. It's a difficult book to put down."

"A spellbinding tale of fame and fortune set against a backdrop of panic and crisis."

The Town Crier and some of its other weekly papers keep the flame of book-critics alive.

This realistic novel also gets a big vote from "Jim Cook's incisive economic and market comments for years. His book is a winner and should be read by anyone who has a serious interest in the future of America. The future, let me warn you, may not be as rosy as you think," said Richard Russell, publisher of Dow Theory Letters.

My own opinion is that this fiction is very real truth with the sudden deep problems with money in America. The author does not name the characters in person on the national problems in the United States, but he names people as the president of the United States and other people in high office who have no name attached when the disasters struck the foreign countries of most of the world's reserves. There are many interesting similarities to what has been going on around the world about money. This author knows his business about money. He is the CEO of Investment Rarities Incorporated in Minneapolis for 30 years. He knows what he is talking about and this book is telling what could happen in the worst scenario.

I read the 295-page book which it is safe to say is very interesting and theoretically possible. It is such a strange book for you to read, one of the most shocking stories I have read anywhere. See for yourself if it echoes what is happening to America's money and that of many other countries at the present.

Of course, I hope he is wrong and I don't want to spoil the results by giving it away.

But if you want to read his imaginative book, well-based on possibilities, you should read it and see what you think of it.

No matter how much money you may have, you had better save some, as much as you can, before you put down this book.

I have seen a lot of books of all kinds, but this one seems to have already made some things in America that were put to press before they actually occurred here. I just hope too many more of the disasters don't come true.

As of last week, the book had not reached the McAllen Public Library and the Barnes & Noble Bookstore again, but the incredible book he wrote a few years ago can be reprinted, because now every strange thing in it seems to be coming true, now and in the future.