SALT: Excellent action movies are able to establish a fast pace early and keep their momentum right up to the climax. Borrowing heavily from cold war paranoia films like THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (1962), this well-directed flick from Phillip Noyce (PATRIOT GAMES) centers around a highly skilled CIA agent (Angelina Jolie) who has to flee from her employers when she’s accused by a defector (Daniel Olbrychski) of being a Russian sleeper spy. What follows is a chase movie highlighted by a series of non-CGI generated stunts orchestrated by Simon Crane, including a leap from a bridge onto the top of a moving 18-wheeler preceding yet another jump onto a similarly mobile rig. The tension generated in these numerous narrow escape sequences are enhanced by the extremely tight editing of Stuart Baird and John Gilroy as well as the kinetic-sounding musical score from James Newton Howard. Even though the plot in Kurt Wimmer’s screenplay seems slightly outdated and rather preposterous, it rises above such deficiencies by instilling a willingness at the outset for the audience to suspend disbelief. When it comes to casting for the title role, Angelina (You know a female is a “diva” when you only have to say her first name for everybody to know whom you’re talking about.) is the only actress who I think could play the part of her character’s conflicted, lean, mean, full-lipped killing machine with any believability. After awhile, even the issue of whether she is or isn’t a Russian mole takes a back seat to the cliffhanger-like suspense of wondering how she’ll extricate herself from the latest crisis. It may or may not be realistic but it certainly is fun. CRITIC’S GRADE: B

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