The RGV Habitat organization is re-doing their Restore and they want the community to come to the ReGrand Opening on Thursday, April 7, beginning at 8 a.m.

It actually began when they were building their Training Home in their warehouse in the back of the Restore at 412 W. Ash Street in McAllen.

“We started building this with the help of South Texas ISD,” said Myra Martinez, Director. “Their trades department was looking for a project. I told them I had a project in building, our Training Home, but we couldn’t afford to use contractors. If they wanted to, they could start on it.”

Jumping in, even donating the steel for the beams, South Texas ISD worked on it until they were no longer able to due to commitment issues.

    “At that point we were able to bring in subcontractors who generously donated either the labor or the materials to keep our costs down. We were able to build this training center relatively inexpensively,” she said.

    Not only that, they have various centers set up to help in their homeowner's repair course. Among the list to learn is how to replace shingles, how to clean a P trap and fix drywall problems. They have plexiglass over a section of the wall showing insulation and wiring. In the garage will be their showroom for the homebuilders to select their paints, colors, etc.

    A room for child care has been added, a kitchen will be installed as well as plumbing, all for teaching homeowners how to care for their new homes. It will be free to low income families and a nominal fee will be charged to all others.

    A breakaway table has been added to convert it into a board room for meetings. Also added will be education in Financial Literacy. The Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University will be offered in English and Spanish.

    Magic Valley Electric has signed on as the title sponsor for the home so it’s with great pleasure that the Habitat RGV and Magic Valley Electric Training Home invites the public to the Ribbon Cutting for the home on April 14 at 10:00 am.

    “This is exactly what we’ve been wanting for the longest time. We’re excited,” she said. “There’s nothing like this in the Valley.”   

    With the training home looking so good it was a natural to decide to renovate the Restore.

    Working with the Restore Manager, Hector Longoria, they took sledge hammers in hand and tore out walls, boarded up closets, and sawed off whatever was in the way.

    “It was very therapeutic,” said Myra, laughing.

    The result is a 1,800-square-foot retail showroom full of ever changing items. Making final touches, they are inviting the community to check it out. New ac units bring in fresh air to the bright new light fixtures adorning the ceiling. A new glass entrance way leads out to the warehouse which is next in line for it’s own remodeling.

    Until that time, support the local Habitat for Humanity and help them celebrate their growth.

    Remember, as Myra likes to quote their new motto, “You miss a day, You miss a deal!”