If you love band music, read what Valley musicians say about their McAllen Symphonic Band.

You can see and hear the band open its season on Nov. 10.

Tickets are available at the the McAllen Chamber of Commerce and several mobile home parks. They are also available at $5 each at the McAllen Convention Center box office (on Ware Road) and at the door of the McAllen Civic Center (on South 10th) the night of the event. Also, ez-tixx sells tickets for an additional $2 charge ($7 total) at their outlets and at ez-tixx.com

The 1,776 seats in McAllen Civic Center mean it can be filled, so it’s smart to get your tickets early

The band’s conducter, David Isadore of La Feria, said it simply, “People in the Valley love to make music.”

Now let the president of The McAllen Symphonic Band’s board, Markus Butcher, have his say. “I like the opportunity to continue growing as a musician, dislike that we only rehearse once a week. Imagine how good the band would sound if we were able to rehearse more often.”

“Love the way the band sight-reads and blends music in no time at all,” says Mirta Barbosa.

“The band gives me the opportuity to play my instrument in an ensemble setting,” says Ruben Estrada.

“Comraderie with people of like interest playing and performing at a high level, constantly refreshes my enthusiasm,” said Meyer Lipshitz, who added, “There is no negative. I like it all.”

“Gives opportunity to play a variety of music, make new friends, play in Civic Center,” says Carol Ciocca.

“I love how people of all walks of life come together to make music,” says Tony Lopez.

“The best thing is playing quality music with people who enjoy the process also,” says Elizabeth Pearson.

“I enjoy being able to play in front of people again, and seeing how happy music helps others. As a teacher I also enjoy learning so many new pieces of music and how to make a band sound better,” said Rick Mendoza.

A registered nurse, Martha Clow, says “I love being able to play my instrument and keep up my skills.”

“The thrill of performing quality music for people to enjoy,” said Rachel Garza.

“I enjoy playing higher level music with other musicians who can play,” said Randy Read.

“The band couldn’t sound any better with David Isadore, and his great conducting brings great dynamics to the ensemble,” said George B. Sanchez.

“Companionship, and the chance to impact playing artistry,” said Dr. Don Sanders, chiropractor.

“I like the repertoire. In the band I have a great opportunity to practice my sight-reading,” said Sonia Santana

“It’s just fun to play another ensemble,” said Edward Ocanas.

“Chance to play good music with great people,” said Jorge D. Perez, a civil engineer.