Students from South Texas College wanting to transfer to The University of Texas-Pan American can do so now with the assistance of the new Transfer Center located just across the street from the STC campus.

The center will provide assistance with admission and academic counseling as well as financial aid and scholarship information. The center is equipped with laptops that students will be able to use for the process of admission applications, FAFSA submittal, transfer orientation reservations and class registration.

“Both schools have been wanting this for a while, which is to really infuse the fact that as a team we can do such wonderful things for higher education and for the community of the Rio Grande Valley,” said Dr. Magdalena Hinojosa, Associate Vice President and Dean of Admissions for UTPA.

UTPA President Blandina Cardenas said they see both schools as one system of higher education, providing alternative paths to the development of human capital in this region.

“This transfer center is a visible concrete testimony to the commitment and hard work that lies before us in making sure that our two institutions work as a seamless support system for the higher education aspirations of our people,” she said.

“It is this sort of partnership and teamwork that will pay off “en grande” for the students of STC and most importantly for the economy and prosperity of the Rio Grande Valley,” she said. “It has become far more urgent that we make sure students have the information they need in order to make efficient decisions in their college pathway.”

STC President, Dr. Shirley A. Reed hopes this is the first of many new partnerships with UTPA. “We are delighted this facility is located where our students can just walk across the street and find out what it takes to get in, get their paperwork processed, early advisement and counseling.”

Approximately 1,000 students transfer from STC to UTPA each year. For more information about the UTPA Transfer Center, call 956-292-7441 or 956-292-7442.