When undergoing cataract surgery you have at least five options for correcting your vision after surgery:

1. Aim for distance vision in each eye using single-vision (monofocal) lenses. Patients with monofocal lenses and good distance vision generally require reading glasses or bifocals to see up close.

2. Aim for monovision using single vision (monofocal) lenses. Typically aims for distance vision in the dominant eye and makes the non-dominate eye nearsighted for either intermediate (computer distance) or reading vision.

3. Aim for near vision in each eye using single vision (monofocal) lenses. This option is almost exclusively selected by patients who have been nearsighted for most or all of their lives.

4. Aim for both near and distance vision in each eye with multi focal lenses (such as the Restor or Rezoom lens). The keys are careful patient selection, patient education and accurate results.

5. A final Option to Consider: the Crystalens.

Patient education is required to understand the pros and cons of this and all lens implants.