EDINBURG – The Pink Glove Dance fever has spread to more than 200 staff members at McAllen Medical Center, Edinburg Regional Medical Center and Edinburg Children's Hospital. These South Texas Health System facilities have produced a music video as part of a national competition to help spread the word about breast cancer awareness and prevention.

The winner of the competition sponsored by Medline Industries, Inc. - the manufacturer of the pink gloves and producer of the original Pink Glove Dance video - will have a $10,000 donation in their name given to the breast cancer research charity of their choice.

South Texas Health System's video is posted on www.pinkglovedance.com, along with the videos of the other participants, to be viewed by the public. Viewers can vote on their favorite video (voting requires a Facebook account) through Oct. 21. The winners will be announced October 28 on www.pinkglovedance.com.

"Once we saw the original video, we immediately wanted to get involved to help make a difference at our facility, in our community and even around the country," said Cari Lambrecht, Public Relations Coordinator for South Texas Health System. "Our workers were so excited and inspired to be part of our own Pink Glove Dance.   It was not only a lot of fun to participate, but the awareness and discussion about breast cancer we're going to create from the video is the real satisfaction we're hoping to take away from this experience."

Lambrecht continued: "Hispanic women have a 1 in 11 chance of developing breast cancer in the lifetime. Early detection saves lives, but sometimes, in the Rio Grande Valley, because of inability to pay, women skip annual screening mammograms. South Texas Health System is proud to support a cause that gives women access to preventative care. Medline, through the sale of their pink gloves, has donated more than $800,000 to mammograms for women who cannot afford them. We at South Texas Health System are also joining the fight against breast cancer by providing digital screening mammograms at the very low cost of only $60, which is about a $200 savings, with a coupon available at many local physician offices or online at www.southtexashealthsystem.com. We are strongly committed to providing quality healthcare to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. The Pink Glove Dance fits in perfectly with our mission."

The song used in South Texas Health System's video was "Down" by Jay Sean. Entrants could choose from eight officially licensed songs. The artists gave permission to use this song specifically for the Pink Glove Dance competition. 

The original Pink Glove Dance video premiered in November 2009 and featured 200 Portland, Ore. hospital workers wearing pink gloves and dancing in support of breast cancer awareness and prevention. Today the video has more than 13 million views on YouTube® and has spawned hundreds of pink glove dance videos and breast cancer awareness events across the country. A sequel was produced last October featuring 4,000 healthcare workers and breast cancer survivors throughout North America.    

As a result of the original Pink Glove Dance video and the sequel videos, Medline has received hundreds of calls from healthcare facilities, breast cancer survivor groups, schools and other organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada inquiring about participating in another video.

"The response we received has been overwhelming and heartwarming," said Sue MacInnes, Medline's chief marketing officer. "We were flooded with calls, e-mails and letters about the joy the videos have brought, and people were asking if they could participate in another video. We didn't want to leave anyone out who wanted to be in a Pink Glove Dance video, so we thought a competition could include everyone who wanted to participate. All these videos from the competition will help bring attention to breast cancer awareness and prevention."

More than 120 videos are now posted online. The direct line to our video is: http://pinkglove.co/49. South Texas Health System kindly asks for your vote! Please share with all your friends and make the Rio Grande Valley proud!