I want to thank everyone for their tremendous support in these 13 years. I feel very honored to have served this community. Coming from a 20,000 population when I first got elected to over 70,000. Property values of nearly half a million in 1993 to over $3 billion this year, I think this community has a lot to be proud of.

This community has always been built on pride, people working together and many volunteers working to improve the quality of life for this community. To the citizens of Edinburg I say congratulations. I see a lot of great things for the City of Edinburg, I hope we continue these great infrastructure projects that have always brought economic development to the city. Expansion of the highways has been very critical to this community and I think that has transpired into many new dollars coming in. The economic development will continue to grow. I see families wanting to live in the city of Edinburg. If you look at the numbers of the ECISD, the number of children entering schools is huge that tells me that more people are coming who want to live here. I think with this new mall coming around, the economy looks like we are on the upswing. Edinburg has a lot to look forward to because the city is in tremendous financial condition.

I am very proud that I left a legacy of growth and development for this community. Back then when we were struggling to get commercial development, we have finally turned it around and we are even better in commercial than we are in residential. I think there is a lot to be proud of. Two time All-America City in my administration I think has a lot to say for this community.

What’s next for Ochoa? “I plan to work very hard and continue my business,” he said.