The International Museum of Art & Science is excited to welcome back celebrated artist Kirk Clark and his compelling exhibit titled Metaphysikos Ignites on display at IMAS from April 29 through August 29.

This stimulating exhibit is a combination of Kirk Clark’s “Metaphysikos” exhibit from Incarnate Word University in San Antonio and Loyola University John Felice Rome Center in Rome, Italy paired with his riveting never before seen “Ignite” series. Kirk Clark beautifully illustrates the rhythmic flow of the universe’s creation through emerging spiritual characters and captivating abstractions.

Metaphysikos Ignites brilliantly captures the resonance of sound in color and the broad continuum of light and motion that emerged as a result of Holy order, popularly known as The Big Bang. Enlightened by science of Cymatics, Kirk Clark soon discovered that he himself was synthetic, meaning he has the ability to hear sound and see color. This unique talent, which embodies the visualization of sound, penetrates Clark’s body of work as each color possesses an inherent shape and sound conveying a spiritual message within each finished piece. Acknowledging the inescapable connection between science and art, Clark states, “I hope that people will be able to see the science within my art”.

Metaphysikos Ignites will include a series of paintings and selected poems all of which work cohesively to unite both the “Metaphysikos” and “Ignite” series in a unified fashion. “Filtering our own experience with a visual experience, gives way to words…and allows one to use words to express themselves, in essence using words as symbols”, says Clark as he explains his connection with Bagua, an ancient Chinese style of poetry which can be found in Metaphysikos Ignites and which for many can be used as alternate approach to interpreting Clark’s work.

An opening reception for Metaphysikos Ignites will take place at IMAS on Thursday, April 29, from 6 to 8 p.m.. and will include a book signing portion, and short oration from artist Kirk Clark.

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