Fifteen PSJA students participated in the K-TRI Educational Television Station Channel 17 annual Summer Camp from June 1-3 at PSJA’s Career and Technical Department. These students gained hands-on experience on television production.

During the 2009-2010 school year, these students participated in the Student Talent Program sponsored by K-TRI Channel 17 in an effort to incorporate the students’ talent in anchoring, reporting and performing voiceovers at the PSJA School District television station. This program has been in existence for two years.

At the Summer Camp, Mariana Romero, KTRI Television Specialist, and Eduardo Tafich, PSJA High School Television Production teacher, instructed the students on how to operate a video camera and other skills such as, script writing, interviewing, reporting, anchoring and the editing of video using the Pinnacle Studio HD Program.

Students were divided into three teams: Team I consisted of James Bryan Palacios, 8th grader at San Juan Middle School; Andres Tafich, 10th grader at T-STEM; Christian A. Martinez, 7th grader at Alamo Middle School; Rebecca Morales, 12th grader at PSJA Memorial High School; and Melina Carmona, 10th grader at PSJA High School.

Team II consisted of Neptaly Robles, 12th grader at PSJA Memorial High School; Amanda Vega, 10th grader at PSJA High School; Ariana Garza, 11th grader at Memorial Middle School, Marco Antonio Padilla, 11th grader at PSJA High School; and Eduardo Martinez, 9th grader at PSJA Memorial High School.

Team III was Angel Lee Rodriguez, 12th grader at PSJA Memorial High School; Ricardo Lara, 11th grader at T-STEM; Brianna Garza, 9th grader at PSJA North High School; Leroy Berrones, 9th grader at PSJA Memorial High School; and Gina Fernandez, 10th grader at PSJA High School.

Team I traveled to the Rio Grande Regional Hospital to interview and videotape Pam Bond, Rio Grande Regional Hospital Educational Director, and Rosie Robles, PSJA Career and Technology Special Populations Coordinator, regarding the partnership between PSJA ISD and Rio Regional Hospital to host an annual Health Care Summer Program for students interested in the health field.

Several PSJA students attending the Health Care Summer Program were also interviewed on how the program is beneficial to them and how it helps them learn of different careers within the health care industry.

Summer Camp Team II students traveled to PSJA High School to interview Mary Q. Gonzalez, PSJA High Librarian, who retired this summer after serving the PSJA School District 25 years as a school librarian; Gracie Garza, PSJA High School Asst. Principal; and Rebecca Luna, PSJA High School Asst. Principal, were also interviewed on the daily occurrences at a high school campus.

At the Career and Technical Department, Team III Summer Camp students interviewed Javier J. Saenz, Career and Technical Department Director, regarding his daily job duties.

Following the interviews, each team wrote scripts for the anchors to read in front of the camera, recorded the voiceovers, and edited their video productions using the Pinnacle Studio HD Program.

“It was a great experience for me,” Angel Lee Rodriguez, PSJA Memorial High School Senior said. “I enjoyed it very much.”

K-TRI Education Television Channel 17 is currently airing the video productions that were produced by the Summer Camp students.

Students interested in participating in the 2010-2011 K-TRI Channel 17 Student Talent Program can apply now. For more information please call 956-354-2167.