Road Grubb

for the Original Winter Texan

Joyce Woodend

Ontario, Canada/Alamo Palms, Alamo

On the night before Christmas we would go to family members and look at Christmas lights. That evening we would also help mom make the rum pudding. On Christmas morning most of the family - Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters - would come to our house. We would clean out one room, put in a long table and just enjoy.

Don Burton

Bartley, Nebraska/Palm Shadows, Donna

The biggest thing I can remember is we had no money. We weren’t poor, we just had no money. We never expected anything but when I came down from upstairs one year and saw that Christmas tree decorated with popcorn all over, it was probably one of the prettiest Christmas trees I’d ever seen. There was a little tricycle there and it made my day. It was probably one of the first and nicest Christmases I can remember.