EDCOUCH — The Mercado Delta grand opening ceremony took place this past weekend in Edcouch. Visitors, mayors and other elected officials from both sides of the border attended the ceremony.

Mayor Jose Guzman from the City of Edcouch said he was glad everyone attended the grand opening, even though strong winds, the cold and rain moved the outdoor grand opening ceremony indoors.

The Mercado Delta opened its doors in December of last year and over 50 vendors have sold at the Mercado Delta. It represents a joint effort to improve the quality of life in the Delta Region area that consists of Edcouch, Elsa, La Villa and Monte Alto. Officials hope the Mercado Delta will help provide job opportunities for vendors and workers in the area.

“Most important, the Mercado Delta is an opportunity for farmers and the agriculture community to work together with our vendors and people from Northern Mexico,” said Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez, chair of the Delta Region Revitalization Corporation.

Future plans for the Mercado Delta include two anchor restaurants and a gift shop. Long term plans include expansion of the Mercado and a park.

“As we all know the economy has experienced some struggles over the years, and we hope with the Delta Mercado opening its doors, it will stimulate the local economy,” said Mayor Hector Elizondo, from the city of La Villa.

He hoped the Mercado Delta would be just one of many projects that will help stimulate the struggling economy and that many more businesses would look into this region and assist them in their growth.

“This Mercado is intended to revitalize this region. This is a building block from where we will be able to attract permanent business,” Congressman Ruben Hinojosa said to the crowd.

Hinojosa said he envisions up to twelve more permanent stores in the future.

The Mercado Delta is a multi-purpose, outdoor, open-air public and farmers market. Farmers, artisans, and craftsman can sell their goods, arts and crafts to visitors. The Mercado Delta is fashioned after Spanish-style marketplace that is surrounded by a central plaza.

The Mercado Delta is a project that was created by Congressman Ruben Hinojosa to bring economic development to the Delta area.