They gathered at Archer Park to begin their journey for the day, the trip would consist about three hours and the Holy Spirit Peace and Justice Community marched around downtown McAllen spreading the word of God to who ever would listen.

Some of the places they stopped to talk were The Federal Court Building, some bars on 17th Street, The Valley AIDS Council, the McAllen Transit and Affordable homes of South Texas.

"This is a 20-year-old tradition that we've had with our Holy Spirit Peace and Justice Community," said Sister Moira Kenny. "We try to raise awareness how the sufferings of Jesus continue today in the lives of poor and the dispossessed through poor housing, hunger, AIDS, addictions, the death penalty, war and poor immigration laws."

The purpose of today's march also is to make sure Jesus' suffering was for a reason.

"It makes Jesus' sufferings come alive," Kenny said. "It's not just some historical thing that happened 2000 years ago but it continues today in our society and we all have a part to play in trying to aliviate the suffering in so many people."

If Holy Spirit Peace and Justice Community reaches just one person out of the many shopping and going about their day they will have succeeded in today's march.

"There are so many shoppers here and I'm sure they're wondering what we're doing but unless they stop and listen to the prayers we're doing at each station I don't know," Kenny said. "One more person for each person that stays silent, that's acknowledging that the suffering can go on so the more people we can teach about the injustices in our society the better off everybody is."