AUSTIN — Leaders of the Alliance for I-69 Texas will push for continued development of I-69 in a presentation before the Texas Transportation Commission at 9 a.m. on Nov. 18, at the Greer Building in Austin.  The Alliance, comprised of public and private sector leaders from thirty-four counties along US 59, 77 and 281, will focus on several short term objectives including:

Completion of the master development plan for I-69, based on the work being done by the five I-69 Segment Committees and the I-69 Corridor Advisory Committee in conjunction with TxDOT securing interstate signage for segments of the corridor that are currently at interstate standard

Alliance Chairman Judge John Thompson of Polk County will stress during the presentation that the development of I-69 is critical to each of the communities along the corridor.  The Alliance remains committed and focused on seeing that US 59, 77 and 281 are upgraded as quickly as possible so that these communities and the state as a whole will reap the benefits of a seamless interstate from Texarkana to Laredo and the Lower Rio Grande Valley.  Texas needs the missing pieces of I-69 completed to extend the geographic reach of our ports at Houston, Victoria, Corpus Christi and Brownsville and inland markets and production centers.  Texas needs I-69 completed to better connect the Lower Rio Grande Valley with the rest of Texas.  Texas needs I-69 completed to open up East Texas to new industry and economic growth.