EDINBURG The Hidalgo County District Clerk Office launched the much anticipated eJuror on Friday, a module of the ACS Juror Solutions Software implemented in March 2010.

This component will enable jurors to communicate with the district clerk office while significantly reducing the time it takes to process a juror questionnaire, reducing the use and dissemination of paper, and improving data reliability.

"This is a great step towards our goals in capitalizing on technology and making services more efficient and accessible to the public," said Laura Hinojosa, Hidalgo County District Clerk. "We're delighted to implement this component as we work towards a more integrated jury system to ensure a positive jury experience for everyone."

The ACS eJuror component will allow a juror participant to complete the juror questionnaire online and claim one of the following (if and when applicable):




Juror participants can conveniently complete their online questionnaire at www.co.hidalgo.tx.us/ejuror. Upon completion of the online process, the juror participant will receive an email notification confirming their status.

"We just sent out a batch of 2,000 jury summons." said Hinojosa. "We highly encourage the recipients to be the first to use eJuror, a faster and more convenient way of participating in the jury process."

For more information, visit the District Clerk's website at www.co.hidalgo.tx.us/districtclerk