All three Edinburg high schools will be getting a new addition to their campuses: a fine arts facility. Each fine arts building will be approximately 18,000 square feet and have its own, unique building design.

Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in July for all three facilities and will take about 10 months to complete, this according to Roberto Garcia, senior project manager for Broaddus & Associates.

The grand total for the construction of all three buildings combined is $6 million. Each building will have 360 seats in each auditorium, the stage, a lobby area, dressing rooms and bathrooms. Garcia said they plan to add an additional classroom to each facility, but it is still pending school board approval. He said they are currently requesting pricing for the building as an alternate add on.

Each building will have state of the art equipment — electronics, lighting for the stage, sound system among other equipment. “Everything services the auditorium or the stage and will be state of the art equipment,” he said.

Planning for the fine arts facilities took several months, Garcia said they had to go to each school and figure out a location for the construction of each building. Garcia said if everything is approved as scheduled, construction will take about 10 months to complete.