Leticia Leija prides herself in knowing everything that goes on at the library every day; after all, she is the library director of the Dustin Michael Sekula Memorial library. But all that changed last month when she was surprised by Congressman Ruben Hinojosa with a special congressional award in recognition of outstanding and invaluable service to the community.

“I am like the mother around here, I usually know everything that’s going on,” she said.

The award was given at The University of Texas-Pan American’s third annual Festival of International Books & Arts (FESTIBA) during the Congressional Roundtable discussion where school librarians, school administrators, community leaders were present to discuss literacy through the Arts and Media.

“I was presently surprise and very proud to get that award because all the staff works so hard,” she added.

The library’s motto is “Empowering the Community,” and Leija and her staff make sure that when an event is planned, they are fun. They hope people visiting the library will leave with a sense of learning and having accomplished something.

The library offers free classes in computers in English and Spanish, GED classes in English, Writing and Math. The library also has a job center where people can learn interviewing tips and skills, resume building and career books.

New to the library is the “Go Center” for high school students interested in attending college. The center provides information on financial aid, grants and everything else that a student needs to plan for college.

Other programs include the adult literary knitters club and gaming nights for teens. For more information on library hours and library programs go to www.edinburg.lib.tx.us or call 383-6246.