Although the National Butterfly Center in Mission has been in existence for almost six years, it is one of the best kept secrets in the Rio Grande Valley. Those who do manage to find it call it a hidden treasure.

The National Butterfly Center was created by Dr. Jeffrey Glassberg, President of the North American Butterfly Association. Glassberg’s interest in butterflies began when he was five years old. With the advent of the development of close focus binoculars and the advancement of photography Glassberg advocated the study of living butterflies.

There are butterflies in Mission year round. There are also many butterflies whose migration path leads them through the area. Because of this the National Butterfly Center has been visited by butterfly enthusiasts form all over the world.

The staff is often asked about the best time to see butterflies. The unusual freeze this past winter decimated our flowering plants but the butterflies have come back with the warmer spring weather and the garden are now in full bloom and with the blooms come the butterflies.

The Butterfly’s Center’s new Visitor Pavilion is under construction in the field along Butterfly Drive. It will be opened in October and will provide another stage of the National Butterfly Center. To get to the park take Expressway 83 west to the Inspiration Road exit.