Summer for college students sometimes means hanging around the pool, going on vacation or even being lazy. Students relax from the brain torture college classes can create.

But sometimes college students see an opportunity to do something positive for the community and they make a difference. This can be said about Melissa Martinez and Chelsea Rivera who are college students home for the summer from San Antonio where they go to school.

Last Thursday, Martinez and Rivera won a contest that was being held at the State Farm Arena by the Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley that gave them the opportunity to meet and greet country star Brad Paisley after his show.

The two girls donated around 1,600 pounds of food between them, but they did it with persistence because they really wanted to meet Brad Paisley.

“They wanted to win,” Carter Robison, food and fund drive manager for the food bank, said. “They came back three times.”

The first time Martinez and Rivera brought 513 pounds of food. They called to see if they were still winning and when they were told no, they would bring more. They did this two more times bringing in 294 pounds and finally 983 pounds of food to secure their victory.

“We’re from the Valley and we do a lot of work for the food bank,” Martinez said. “We came to watch Easton Corbin and we saw that somebody was beating us so we took off and came back with more.”

In total the 2,500 pounds of food was raised but the food bank wants people to know that they can always use more. Right now there is a shortage of food in the warehouse.

“A lot of people don’t realize that the threat of hunger is year long,” Omar Rodriguez, Manager of Communications and Advocacy said. “People usually only remember during the holidays but summer is very vital because kids are not getting the two meals from school.”

The food bank is looking for donations when ever they can receive them. They accept water, food and also money. One dollar equals five meals and equals 10 pounds of food.

“That’s very effective to see what one dollar can do as far as countering hunger here in the RGV,” Rodriguez said.

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