Edinburg Consolidated ISD is working diligently to build global citizens ready to live and work in an interdependent world. To achieve this goal, every school must have a great administrator to lead it. Every classroom must have an outstanding teacher and the resources it needs to be conducive to teaching and learning. Every student in our district deserves a great education.

Since my arrival in Edinburg CISD this summer, I have spent months “listening and learning.” I have met with parents and students. Community leaders and business leaders. Teachers and administrators. Educators and university leaders. Public officials and public servants.

What did I hear? What did I learn? Over and over again, I have heard a call — sometimes it has been a demand! — for excellence, for achievement, for being the best. To this end, I want to assure our parents, our community, and our business community that our district is educating our children so they can compete locally, nationally and internationally — so that they can compete with anyone in the world. This first semester our school board has recognized dozens of elementary, middle and high school students who are doing just that — competing with others and coming out on top.

We have great schools and great teachers and principals. Our school board cares about our students and their success. They care about the children’s safety in school. They care about finding ways to help students succeed and graduate from high school and enter the global workplace.

On Jan, 18, 2010, Edinburg CISD will open up the Vision Academy of Excellence with the goal of helping Edinburg students who lack credits or still need to pass one or more TAKS tests in order to graduate. Come next June, the first Vision Academy graduates will be able to walk with their heads held high and feel confident that they are ready to enter the marketplace.

Every student deserves the chance to succeed. The students, parents, teachers, and administrators, have to be working together to help each child learn. Anything less than the best education for every child is a moral and ethical failure, and in Edinburg CISD, we believe that failure is not an option. Every student can find success.

Helping every child to succeed involves a group effort — everybody pulling together — especially important in a district like Edinburg CISD. We are a large school district with 36 schools (soon to be 43) and approximately 32,000 students and growing. We are a school district that takes up two-thirds of Hidalgo County. We are urban, suburban, rural and somewhere in between, and it is our job at Edinburg CISD to prepare every child, no matter where that child lives, for the future.

Dr. René Gutiérrez

Superintendent of Schools

Edinburg Consolidated ISD