The McAllen North Rotary Club recently held its first Rubber Ducky Race. Two separate duck races were held in order to find the overall winners in the Corporate (large duckies) and Standard (small duckies) categories. With 32 corporate sponsors racing their ornately decorated ducks, the crowd gathered around the Convention Center pond cheering their favorites on to the finish line.

Paul Stocker bravely manned his kayak attempting to waylay the wayward duckies the whipping wind knocked outside the colorful rubber boundary markers. In the end, Star Properties proudly accepted the Rubber Ducky trophy for their speedy little quacker with Falcon Construction accepting the trophy as the best Duckerated Corporate Duck.

Later in the afternoon, 10,000 miniature sunny yellow rubber ducks were ceremoniously dumped into the pond as Bill Stocker, his son, Paul and Patricia Pixley desperately struggled to keep the little critters behind the starting line. As the wind blew wildly, the plastic yellow bobbers took off soon looking like a yellow wave of seaweed crossing the ocean.

The crowd cheered and roared as the imitation lemony poultry bounced and bobbed their way to the finish line. High stakes were possible — $1 million (no winner there), first prize of a Harley Davidson- won by Greg Mares, second prize of 50 tickets with your closest friends to a Killer Bee Game - won by David Corrales and third prize of a complete Reverse Osmosis system by Vital Blue was won by Rusty Barlow.

A quacking good time was held by all with a prognostication that next year’s race will be all the quackier!