Everyone who has seen the cartoons in the movies or on TV knows the Roadrunner always wins out over the Coyote.

It has happened again, but it has taken a bit longer. More than three years longer.

UBL announced at a press conference on April 30 that the Edinburg Coyotes would once again become the Roadrunners three years after the city “booted” them from the current facility, according to leaders with UBL.

ULB took over the stadium and the team from the now-defunct Central League for failure to pay its stadium rent, league officials then changed the name from Roadrunners to Coyotes.

“When we (the ULB) took over the operation here from the previous owners we changed the name, which was necessary at the time. However, that did not set well with many fans,” ULB President Byron Pierce said. “Now the Roadrunners are back…we are proud to present to you the Edinburg Roadrunners and we promise superior baseball.”

Original founders of the league, Pierce and former U.S. Rep. John Bryant who negotiated ULB with the city, later left the league over a dispute. They recently took back the league following court action that included the others still involved in the league filing bankruptcy and the group by Pierce and Bryant paying $550,000.

.Edinburg General Manager Doug Leary greeted those in attendance and introduced Lupe Salinas, Mexican League player-coach, who will be the club pitching coach. The Edinburg staff also was introduced.

Vince Moore, who has been field manager for the Edinburg club for four years, also returns. The first home game of the season begins June 11 against the Laredo Broncos. The 2009 season will consist of 44 home games.