Hidalgo County Health and Human Services confirmed Monday the first Type A H1N1 Influenza case in Hidalgo County in the Weslaco area.
"When county and state public health officials supported the Weslaco school district with its decision to close its campuses last week, it was based on fact and was done in the best interest of the students and employees of the district," said HCHHS director Eduardo Olivarez. "We feel this quick action may have isolated and prevented the spread of the swine flu."
HCHHS continues to communicate with local districts regarding school closures.
The World Health Organization may increase the awareness level, calling the Type A H1N1 influenza a "pandemic." While use of this word may raise fears among the public, pandemic does not refer to the severity of the disease but rather the geography of the disease. The Texas Department of State Health Services reports that there have only been 30 hospitalizations across the United States, and the disease behaves much like seasonal flu and is "mild to moderate" in nature.
HCHHS continues to be in contact with area school districts, universities, cities, law enforcement, doctors' clinics and hospitals. Hidalgo County hospitals have not reported an increase in patients with respiratory illness and local pharmacies indicate a sufficient supply of medications.
The Hidalgo County Swine Flu Hotline remains open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 1-866-613-5277 for information.