Special to The Review

Local school board member Ciro Trevino has received the coveted School Board Trustee of the Year award.

The award, which honors sitting school board members statewide for going above and beyond the regular duties of a school board member, was awarded to Trevino by the Texas Classroom Teachers Association. Trevino picked up the award at a TCTA luncheon two weeks ago in Austin.

“There is no more deserving person to receive the award,” said good friend and former colleague on the board, Rodolfo Ramirez, who also attended the function. “He’s a legend and a consummate public servant of the community.”

To commemorate the auspicious event, the community last week honored Trevino with a celebration at Rick’s Auto Service. Trevino thanked friends and relatives for honoring him by attending the celebration.

“I’m deeply honored to first receive the award from TCTA and second, to be recognized by friends of this community,” said Trevino.

Trevino was first informed about his selection for the award on Jan. 19. A TCTA spokesperson, Kelly Strutton, broke the news to Trevino. She asked Trevino in an e-mail to respond to his nomination for the award.

“I am humbled and deeply honored to receive this prestigious award. I think there is no higher and more satisfying honor for a school board trustee than being recognized by the people you serve and listen to — the teachers of the great state of Texas,” Trevino wrote in his reply.

Trevino also vowed to press on with his fight on behalf of all classroom teachers. It was his willingness to address vital educational issues that got Trevino re-elected in November 2008 to a second term to his Place 7 position. He first ran for the position in May 2005.

During his first term, the school district boasted 12 Exemplary elementary campuses and 15 Recognized campuses, both all-time high figures. Trevino said the exemplary showing by the elementary campuses is made more incredible considering the fact that it was only in 2005 that the district had only one Exemplary elementary campus to boast.

Also in 2005 the district had 11 Recognized campuses and 15 Acceptable campuses.

Trevino has never been one to observe from the sidelines and has taken on active roles to improve the well-being of the community, be it from the education standpoint or simply in the area of quality of life. A lifelong public servant, Trevino served as a commissioner on the Edinburg City Council from 1967 to 1969 after retiring from the accounting business in 1948. He then ran for Precinct 4 Place 1 Justice of the Peace and got elected in 1969. He held the position until 1972, after which he was a Texas independent insurance agent from 1969 to 1990.

Treviño’s long and distinguished public service with the County of Hidalgo began in 1972 when he ran for the first time for the Hidalgo County tax assessor/collector position. Voters elected him to the post and he continued to serve on the position until 1996.

Among his membership on many agencies include state president on the Texas Tax Assessor-Collectors Association in 1981; state president on the Texas Association of Assessing Officers in 1985; chairman on the Texas Board of Tax Professional Examiners in 1996; board member on the Hidalgo County Appraisal District from 1982 to 1984; commander of the Freddy Gonzalez American Legion Post 408 from 1998 to 2001; member on the Veterans of Foreign Wars; and vice-chairman on the Edinburg Housing Authority board of commissioners from 1996 to present.

Treviño is a PSJA graduate and attended McAllen Business College and served on the United States Navy.

Treviño was married to the late Toni Anzaldua. His only son, Ciro L. Trevino, a former longtime band and fine arts director, passed away last year.