Best wishes to Tara Wicker & Karl Drefke, who married last Saturday, June 12, 2010, in Sugarland Texas. Parents of the couple are locals Teri & Donald Drefke and Candie & Chris Wicker. (More wedding details next week!)

Best wishes go out to Tory Accardo & Felo Guerra, who wed last weekend, June 12, 2010, in a beautiful ranch wedding. His parents are Maxine & Felo Guerra, and hers are Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Accardo . . .

More nuptials for June 12, 2010, include Nicole Clemons & Josh Becom, and Caroline Miles & Greg Gilson. June really is the best wedding month!

Saw Yolanda Chapa, a past McAllen “Woman of the Year” looking just fabulous with a beautiful hairdo. Do one have to be a “woman of the year” to look really good?

Also saw Sally Klinck, who looked great even before having her hair done! She’s given me some really good advice for my youngest grandbaby, and Sally isn’t even a grandmom yet!

Had a quick visit with Sandra Imhoof, and we haven’t solved a “program” quandary for next year, but we will surely come up with a solution!

Saw Linda Taormina of Weslaco, who is a great hostess, because she, Vicki Papacek, and Amanda Humphreys helped welcome Kelly Fasano to the joys of impending motherhood. Nothing like a little bundle of joy to keep you busy for say, the rest of your life!

The Valley Symphony Orchestra & Chorale is holding Maestro Peter Dabrowski “for ransom,” and you, too, can contribute to the cause by sending your ranson $$ to the VSO at PO Box 2932, McAllen, TX 78502, or call them at 661-1617. You could also make your reservations for season tickets for next year!

It’s probably not too late to sign up your children for “Operation Imagination” at IMAS, but check with McAllen Parks & Recreation, 681-3333, log onto, or call Sissy Vaughn at the museum, 682-1564 to check . . .

Birthday greetings for yesterday go out to Tracy Girault; celebrating birthdays today are Kay Kreidler, Linda Miller, and Lupe Weir.

For tomorrow, June 17th, happy birthdays are wished to Kristina Cavazos, Denise Garcia, Jim Henderson, and Tricia Skalitsky . . .

Also for tomorrow, happy 68th birthday to Gary Chauvin, who celebrated by competing in the Capitol of Texas Triathlon in Austin over the Memorial Day weekend with his daughter, Mariana de la Rosa. His wife and family send him lots of love! (and here you thought dinner out in a nice restaurant was a celebration!)

And for your final thought for the week, one of the winners of a contest to take a well-known expression and change one letter: Harlez-vous Francais? Can you drive a French motorcycle?

Note to all readers: the following phone number is not the newspaper’s phone number; it is a number just for this column. Call in your “I See You” news to 686-8056, or mail to the Town Crier. Remember, at least one week ahead!