It’s Christmas morning and there are those who might say, what in the world are you doing writing on Christmas morn? Actually it’s all because of my brother. As I was asking him what it was they do on Christmas, he was telling me about something I had never heard of about Santa.

Now, mind you, my brother is in his 60’s and his kids in their mid-twenties. So I was a bit surprised to hear Santa brought up. But, nice bro that he is, he let me off the hook seeing as how I have never had any real children - only dogs, cats, birds and fish. If hubby knew this information for use with his kids he never deemed to share it with me. So I was glad dear bro did.

Bro said it’s not all the parents fault they aren’t aware of this clause with The Claus. Most of the parents who received the memo from the North Pole probably thought it a crank and threw it away. But in actuality Santa is a bit old-fashioned. He’s never quite made the move to the internet, reception is not too hot in the north pole so cell phones have never quite made their mark there so it’s the time-honored “memo” with Santa’s mark that still is the official manner of communication.

For all you out there who have never read Santa’s memo, it’s important for you to know for next year. Santa’s still around!

However, for kids over 18, there is this clause in his contract with parents. It seems he turns the actual presentation of the gifts over to the parents. Though he would love to visit every single person in the world, that would be almost impossible - even for Santa.

Besides, the young ones still need that visual affirmation that Santa has come for them. They’re a little more needy in the scope of imagination development than those older folk and they love setting out the milk and cookies for the man in red.

Santa uses his auxiliary staff - known as parents - to help him accomplish his yearly tasks. He still watches his full list - checking it twice - and pays close attention as those Dear Santa lists come in each year. My brother still has his kids drop off their Dear Santa lists to him or his wife for them to forward on to the big man.

Of course when his kids see how closely the Santa gifts coincide with their Santa lists they realized the wisdom in proffering up their lists each year - as absurd as it might seem to them the older they become.

But then there’s the realization for those of us over 18 that Santa does, indeed, know whether we’ve been naughty or nice. It becomes necessary to try and be nice All year in hopes that next year, now that parents are reading about Santa’s clause, we’ll be more successful in obtaining those items on our lists.

Santa came to visit us this year and, amazingly, we received exactly what we wished for. It was fun to see another side of dear Bro and have him remind me that love is what Christmas is all about. Santa’s heart is so full of love that it’s hard for him to wait each year to spread his love around.

So, parents - here’s your memo from Santa. Don’t throw it away! Children - no matter your age - here’s your memo. Next year as you watch Santa across the skies on, you will know how close you’re coming to getting your wishes filled - depending, of course, on whether you’ve turned in your list and on his list you’ve been given that magical checkmark right next to… “nice.”