Joey Gomez

The City of Edinburg is sending aid to help people in Villa de Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Alex.

The suburban town, located near Monterrey, was flooded with water during last week's hurricane. Roads, bridges, homes, and cars were destroyed. Santiago, along with Santa Catarina, which was also devasted by the hurricane, are both Edinburg "Sister Cities".

The City of Edinburg, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Edinburg Economic Development Corporation have organized to collect food, water, furniture, and medical supplies to be sent to the people of Santiago.

"Please help the Santiago people. They are a very pure people who don't have anything to eat, or nothing to drink. They don't have clothes to wear. Please help. We need it," said Roberto Cantu, CEO of Santana Textiles, who addressed the City Council on July 6.

"It's a very terrible situation, a very sad situation," Cantu said  "I have never seen something like that before. I have 44 years living in Monterrey most of my life, and this is a record. As I understand it, this is the biggest hurricane we have seen."

Collection will take place Thursday, July 8th through Thursday, July 15th.  Items can be dropped off at the Edinburg Chamber of Commerce at 602 W. University Drive.  Donations will be accepted Monday through Friday from 8am until 5pm.  On Friday, July 16th, the items will be picked up for delivery to Santiago.

The City of Edinburg is also looking for volunteers to help staff the drop off location. For more information call the Chamber of Commerce at 383-4974.